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Anti-Spam & Anti-Spy Tools

PCBooster Free AntiSpyware
PCBooster Free AntiSpyware is able to scan every corner of your computer to search out & remove all the spyware and other malware threats. As a professional anti-spyware tool, it has a vast database with constant updating.
Downloads: 148 Updated: 3/15/2017
License: Freeware Added: 3/25/2014

Privacy Repairer
Stop spying and surveillance in Windows 10 using our free privacy restoring software. Comes packed with almost 60 options engineered to carefully modify your system in a way most beneficial for your privacy. Perfect one click solution for most users.
Downloads: 44 Updated: 2/24/2017
License: Freeware Added: 12/2/2016

Free Security Master
Free Security Master is a free antispyware utility that targets spyware, adware, malicious code, and other threats. It is your comprehensive anti-spyware solution to detect and remove a wide variety of spyware to protect your PC.
Downloads: 144 Updated: 11/27/2016
License: Freeware Added: 1/23/2014

SpamAssassin in a Box
SpamAssassin in a Box is a powerful and reliable spam filter for Windows. Beside the famous e-mail filter SpamAssassin, it also contains a Windows system service, making SpamAssassin controllable via the Windows Service Control Manager.
Downloads: 245 Updated: 11/21/2016
License: Shareware Added: 2/21/2012

Best Antivirus Defender Pro
Best Antivirus Defender Pro protects your PC against viruses, spyware and phishing attacks in real time and tweaks your PC to its top performance!
Downloads: 55 Updated: 10/24/2016
License: Shareware Added: 12/8/2015

Clipboard Auto Clear
Worried about spy ware reading your clipboard? Want to free up the huge resources that some clips consume? Clipboard Auto-Clear is the set it and forget it utility which will clear your Windows clipboard whenever it is not in use.
Downloads: 355 Updated: 9/13/2016
License: Freeware Added: 12/30/2011

Malware KO Free
Malware KO Free offers ultimate anti-malware defense for your data. The free anti-malware software helps detect and remove all traces of malware like suspicious ActiveX objects, Trojans, adware, phishing frauds, dialers, keyloggers and other threats.
Downloads: 176 Updated: 9/6/2016
License: Freeware Added: 1/20/2014

Free AntiSpyware
Free AntiSpyware is powerful anti-spyware software that detects & stops the latest and most malicious programs that are doing harm to your computer and breaking your privacy, helping regain a clean computer environment.
Downloads: 152 Updated: 8/25/2016
License: Freeware Added: 1/19/2014

Free Malware Sweep
Free Malware Sweep - a free anti-spyware security keeper, which helps detect and remove any kinds of viruses & spyware to keep your PC clean & fine-tuned.
Downloads: 158 Updated: 8/5/2016
License: Freeware Added: 1/19/2014

Free Spyware Killer
Free Spyware Killer is a professional and free anti-spyware application that scans every corner of your computer and detects all kinds of spyware and other suspicious spyware-like activities, such as data miners, system monitors, toolbars, etc.
Downloads: 206 Updated: 8/2/2016
License: Freeware Added: 1/21/2014

Security Guru Free
Security Guru Free is designed as an easy-to-use and light smart free anti-spyware software to scan your computer, locate & remove every spyware, worm, trojans and thousands of other malicious components, even the tiniest remains of them.
Downloads: 139 Updated: 7/31/2016
License: Freeware Added: 1/21/2014

SpamAssassin for Windows
SpamAssassin has been ported for Windows by JAM Software. In combination with an MTA (e.g. Hamster or MS Exchange) it's a very powerful anti-spam solution.
Downloads: 167 Updated: 7/28/2016
License: Freeware Added: 2/21/2012

US System Care
US System Care removes malware/PUP threats and fixes registry on your computer. US System Care makes your computer threats free. it boosts speed of your computer system. you can clean and fix registry errors using this application.
Downloads: 54 Updated: 7/22/2016
License: Shareware Added: 7/22/2016

IP Hider Ever
Hide your real IP address so that you can hide your internet traffic and the real location while surfing the web. Makes nobody know what you do on the internet. Protect yourself from network surveilance and traffic analysis.
Downloads: 90 Updated: 7/17/2016
License: Shareware Added: 7/31/2015

SpyDetect Free
FREE Spyware Detector. Detects processes on your computer that might spy on your keystrokes or monitor applications/websites you use. No installation or registration is required. One-click download, run and use it. No bundles, advertisement, viruses.
Downloads: 42 Updated: 7/7/2016
License: Freeware Added: 11/3/2015

Adware Removal, PC Optimization, Spyware Removal, Various pop-up ads Removal
Downloads: 38 Updated: 6/24/2016
License: Adware Added: 6/24/2016

MadBlock Ultra Adblocker
MadBlock Ultra block thousands of ad networks, system wide. Unlike browser based adblocking solutions, it blocks the connection to the ad network instead of simply permiting display of banners. The integrated blacklist contains about 15k domains.
Downloads: 52 Updated: 6/5/2016
License: Freeware Added: 6/5/2016

MadBlock Ultra
MadBlock Ultra block thousands of ad networks, system wide. Unlike browser based adblocking solutions, it blocks the connection to the ad network instead of simply permiting display of banners. The integrated blacklist contains about 15k domains.
Downloads: 60 Updated: 6/4/2016
License: Freeware Added: 6/4/2016

McAfee LiveSafe 30 days Trial
Shield your digital life and all your devices.Try McAfee LiveSafe free for 30 days.
Downloads: 50 Updated: 5/11/2016
License: Shareware Added: 5/3/2016

CR iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro for Mac
iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro for Mac enables you to save the time taken up trying to extract and edit data from PDF. With PDF Converter Pro, convert up to 200 separate standard or encrypted PDF files in 3 simple steps?even recognize and convert scanned
Downloads: 90 Updated: 3/4/2016
License: Shareware Added: 12/1/2013