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Able2Doc - PDF to Word Conversion

Quick specs

Version: 1.00
Downloads: 979
Updated: 5/30/2007
Added: 5/30/2007
License: Demo
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Publisher's description

Able2Doc (A2D) lets users view and convert data from PDF format into formatted Word documents that can then be edited. A2E converts graphics and preserves the PDF layout of text in Word document. Users can select data from a PDF document and choose to convert the selection into Word using a 'complex' or 'simple' Word conversion. The 'complex' conversion retains the background graphics and the look and feel of the PDF document. The 'simple' Word conversion converts only the text and the output is in a standard formatted Word document. A2D is a stand-alone Windows application with its own PDF viewer that does not require Adobe Acrobat. Licensing: In addition to the full license for $39.95, a 30-day subscription license is also availble for $10.95. Please contact if you are interested in site licensing or group licensing rates for organizations or small businesses.
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