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Active Directory Cleanup

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Version: 15.4
Downloads: 136
Updated: 12/17/2015
Added: 12/17/2015
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Managing inactive users has always been a challenging task to carry out for IT administrators. Since manual AD cleaning eats up both resources and efforts, it is wise to consider using a simplified way to get rid of inactive accounts on a regular basis while also ensuring compliance with strict security standards to save your organization from any complications later. Hence, enterprises that are actually serious about maintaining security in an organization tend to prefer Lepide Active Directory Cleaner for effective AD cleaning & management. The software proactively tracks & automates the way administrators used to handle inactive Active Directory users. Since regular Active Directory Cleanups are both time-consuming & tiring, Lepide Active Directory Cleaner offers you the facility to schedule required actions without any hassle. Also, there’s no need to extensively search amongst hundreds of user accounts to locate those who’ve attained the dormant state due to one reason or another. Also, Lepide Active Directory Cleaner ensures enhanced AD performance along with the ability to avoid serious malfunctioning issues. This makes the software stand out amongst the rest of the Active Directory cleanup solutions available in the market. One of the most extraordinary features of Lepide Active Directory Cleaner includes sending instant notifications along with comprehensive reports about the no. of inactive accounts & their complete details, never logged on users and the real last logon details of accounts. Users can download the trial version of Lepide Active Directory Cleaner (available as a standalone component of LepideAuditor Suite) and test it for a duration of 15 days. If the software is working as per your requirements, you can buy either the selective license of this particular component or purchase the whole LepideAuditor Suite. For more details, please visit
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