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Active Multimedia SFX library (mp3)

Quick specs

Version: 1.0
Downloads: 1111
Updated: 5/30/2007
Added: 5/30/2007
License: Commercial
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Publisher's description

"Active MultiMedia" is a High Quality SFX Library that contains 500 fresh custom-designed Sound Effects and Musical Effects specially created by sound engineers and musicians for use in different multimedia projects such as Flash and Web projects, computer Games and Programs, for Video, Radio, TV and Film production, Presentations, etc. The sounds are great for intros, endings, fades, sound logos, transitions, movements, buttons, sliders, menus, pop-up, rollovers, notifications, warnings etc. All sound files are grouped by the following categories: Blows, Clicks & Knocks, Computers & Robots, Deep & Hard, Electronic Signals, High Tech, Noise FXs, Notifications, Space Matter, Static & Electric and Musical Effects. - Downloadable version contains sounds in MP3 format. PLEASE NOTE: Full downloadable version size - 26,3 MB. - CD version includes sounds in WAV, AIFF, MP3 and WMA formats.
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