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AllMyNotes Organizer Portable

Quick specs

Version: 3.25
Downloads: 343
Updated: 7/12/2018
Added: 12/1/2009
License: Shareware
Download (5 MB)

Publisher's description

Using All My Notes Organizer Portable every bit of your important private info are securely hidden away from someone's eyes! Just assign an access code for your storage file, and AllMyNotes Organizer will cipher it with a 1800-bit key. This is the most efficient and safe way to keep all your Notes with you on the go. Amazingly quick db-driven storage engine, themes, multi-lingual, reminders, spreadsheets, hierarchical data organization, and much, much, more! Ideal for keeping your sensible private documents securely encrypted always with you. Imagine the worst scenario - if USB disk with your info will be stolen (may God forbid) - no problem, no one can unlock your data without having your access code :) The idea of this app is similar to Info Select, making it a perfect replacement to it, as the software has many unique features, plus, it's way more smaller in size and... Portable. Features: Can be launched on any computer (the installation is not required), Encoded and quick database-driven engine, Quick Search across all records, Rich-Text editor, Spreadsheets, Scanner support, Reminders, Pictures, File Attachments, Access Restriction by Password, Password Generator Tool, Icons, clickable Checkboxes, Free-form data tree structure, Auto- Backups, Themes, loclaized to many Languages, Import and Export.
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