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Antipodes EXtreme

Quick specs

Version: 7.4
Downloads: 199
Updated: 11/14/2018
Added: 7/4/2013
License: Freeware
Download (12 MB)

Publisher's description

This time, the good soldier again saves the Earth! Alien Invasion is not a problem, because Victor is armed with versatile weapon, and he is the best strategist! Shoot with a machine gun, a homing grenade launcher, a pistols and other of many weapons units! Use the knife where necessary, and if scary - do tackle! This is CONTRA guys! Here is the hardcore, here is the action - here the most controversial battle of virtuality! Do not miss the chance to play in a remake of the good old game of our identities, you have to play - save the earth, NOW! Controls: Move: WASD. Shoot: J. Jump: K. Strike of Knife: L. Tackle: Arrow S+K. Make a seat: S. Change Bonus: SPACE. Restart: R.
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