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Astrology 2

Quick specs

Version: 7.4
Downloads: 138
Updated: 1/16/2019
Added: 6/22/2017
License: Freeware
Download (18 MB)

Publisher's description

Astrology 2 is an unusual breakout game. Incredible graphics, addictive gameplay, interesting story and many, many levels! I walked along the old path, when I heard "Call" and the legs got stuck in a quagmire. Swamp goo oozed under my boots, and a terrible fog enveloped the rotten trees coating outlines of branches and turning them into predatory paws. I walked for about an hour on shaky ground when I came across a windmill made out of the old mill. " The Call" has increased and I think I began to distinguish words that are similar to the rustle of fallen leaves. Darkness had dominion over the place, and I already know what to do.
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