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Citrus Dispatcher

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Version: 2.0.0
Downloads: 18
Updated: 10/15/2017
Added: 10/15/2017
License: Demo
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Publisher's description

Citrus Dispatcher is designed for those companies who typically receive Requests for Service from customers and schedule technicians to respond. Citrus Dispatcher is a date and time oriented program. When a customer calls for service, an electronic service slip is created for a specific date and time. Estimated time required to complete the service slip is entered in hours and the service slip is assigned to a technician. The electronic service slip drives subsequent procedures. Work Schedules are printed at any time based on service slips. Service slips can be rescheduled up to end of the day on which the slip is scheduled. The day a slip expires, it must be accounted for by entering completion data. Additional procedures are: Schedule a customer meeting Reschedule a service slip Create and Schedule recurring events Store a Service Slip and Schedule at a later time Print work schedules Print a simple service invoice Place reminder phone calls Create a Work Order Create a Service Contract Block time for Vacation and Holidays
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