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DBPut data transfer

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Version: 3.1.241
Downloads: 843
Updated: 6/2/2007
Added: 6/2/2007
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Flexible data conversion software. The processing of converting data between different databases is very easy. You can easily convert any data from some databases to other databases or files without any knowledge of SQL script. Many great features can help you to convert some complex data, see bellow: *Transfer data from some database to other database or file. *Five conversion type:Append new data; Update the same data of target that compare with source;Append and update;Delete the same data;Copy all of data from source to target. *Import data into many file type, such as XML, HTML, pdf, rtf, excel,etc. *Automatically mapping fields between source and target dataset. *Setting how to convert field data through many strong function, such as database functoin, character function, datetime function. More that 200 functions can help you to customize calculation rules. *Specify whcih data will be converted in source dataset through data filter condition *Executing converting job automatically per day, per week, per month or per year. Also alow executing job as custom execution flow. *Easily circumgyrating data from row to column Read from :Oracle,SQL Server,Access,MySQL,Text(Csv),dbf,Foxpro,Paradox,SYBASE,DB2,Informix,Interbase; Write data into:Oracle,SQL Server,Access,MySQL,SYBASE,DB2,Informix,Interbase,dbf,Foxpro,Paradox,Text(csv),PDF,Excel,HTML,XML,RTF,SYLK,DIF,Lotus 1-2-3,QuattroPro,SPSS,LDAP.
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