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Daring Fighter

Quick specs

Version: 5.8
Downloads: 163
Updated: 11/5/2018
Added: 11/20/2014
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

"Daring Fighter" - scroll shooter Aviation World War II. The player controlling the fighter has to destroy the Luftwaffe, pick up first aid kits, and other bonuses. Enemies can be shot with a machine gun, blasting rockets or ram. The blast from the rocket damages all nearby aircraft. Just the player must monitor the level of fuel. The more active fighter player moves around the screen - the faster running out of fuel. Campaign mode includes 5 levels. Quests are different, but are reduced to not to miss the left side of the screen or that of the enemy. There's also a survival mode where you try to shoot the endless hordes of enemies and collect a record number of points.
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