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Easy Banner Ad Rotator

Quick specs

Version: 0.1
Downloads: 70
Updated: 7/15/2016
Added: 7/15/2016
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Do you use clickable banners or images on your web pages, to promote your own products or affiliate programs? Many webmasters find that these ads can generate a lot more revenue than contextual ads like Adsense. But showing the same ad on every page of your site means throwing away potential revenue. Ideally you want each visitor to see your best performing ad on the first page they view, then different ads on successive page views. Now there is an easy way to do this, with Easy Banner Ad Rotator. You can set up a whole set of clickable banners or images. When a visitor arrives at your site, they'll see banner/image 1 on the first page they view, banner/image 2 on the second page they view, banner/image 3 on the third page they view, etc. Each banner/image has an associated link and when visitors click on the banner/image, they will be taken to the relevant web address automatically. Each visitor is tracked separately using "cookies", so the system can handle an unlimited number of visitors. This simple solution gives you an easy way to maximize the exposure of all your different offers to every single visitor. Quick And Easy Solution With Easy Banner Ad Rotator, you can apply this solution to any set of banners/images. The tool will create a new script file that you upload to your website, along with the banners/images. Now just insert a small snippet of code into each web page, where you want the banner/image shown. The software will show the first banner/image on the first page viewed by any visitor, the second banner/image on the second page viewed, etc. When the visitor has seen all the banners/images, the software will loop back to the first banner/image again. Install An Unlimited Number Of Times You only need to order one copy of this software, irrespective of how many sites you own or how many different sets of banners/images you want to rotate.
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