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Identity Protector

Quick specs

Version: 1.0
Downloads: 31
Updated: 4/5/2018
Added: 4/5/2018
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Identity Protector is a tool to find and secure your Personal Information on your computer, as well as organize your passwords in one vault across browsers and lock them securely with a Master Key. Your identity is always protected, and you'll never forget a password again. How Secure is Identity Protector? Identity Protector scans your computer for any traces of Personal Information and any saved passwords and locks them away in a Vault on your system that can only be accessed by a single Master Key password that you create. Even we don't know your password because it's encrypted on our servers. What makes it secure? AES-256 encryption: A threat to hackers! Online browser sync: Sync your personal information across all browsers. One master key: Your Master password is the key. Only you know it. PC Scan: Scan & clean all security traces from your PC. Identity Protector securely locks your personal and financial information so that you can unlock them using your own master key: Password for All : Lets you remember only one password to unlock all your accounts. Auto-Fill Forms : Saves time by auto-filling forms over the internet, using your saved details. Identity Traces Removal : Deletes all potential security traces (passwords, credit card details etc.) from your PC. Auto-Sync across Browsers : Automatically syncs your saved details across browsers through its extension.
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