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Integrated solution for Active Directory Management, Windows Auditing and IT Compliance, Password Self-Service and Exchange Reporting - ManageEngine A

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Version: 4.0
Downloads: 3191
Updated: 3/12/2013
Added: 3/12/2013
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

AD360 is an integrated solution to efficiently manage your Active Directory and Exchange environment. Managing Active Directory and Exchange infrastructure is paramount for the smooth functioning of an organization dependent on Windows technology. AD360 has a wide range of features from Active Directory Management to AD Auditing and IT Compliance, and Password Self-Service to Exchange Reporting, all integrated in an easy-to-use, web-based solution. The Active Directory Management component of AD360 takes care of all the mundane AD management tasks including user provisioning and de-provisioning, Active Directory Automation, AD Workflow and more. The AD Auditing component of AD360 provides a variety of reports for compliance requirements including SOX, HIPAA, etc. The Password Self-Service component of AD360 provides secure, web-based password reset/account unlock functionality from anywhere, anytime to reduce helpdesk costs and improve employee productivity. The Exchange Reporting component of AD360 lets your keep track of all vital elements in your Exchange environment with reports on Mailbox growth, size, permission, traffic, OWA Reports, etc. By integrating these components, with each of them having a rich but unique set of features, you get a complete solution for your Active Directory and Exchange environment. The dashboard of AD360 provides all vital statistics of Active Directory and Exchange under a single-window in a neat graphical display. Also, the data between the different components can be synchronized automatically for easier configuration and access. Overall, AD360 can be considered as a 'one-stop-shop' for all your Active Directory and Exchange management challenges.
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