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Version: 3.0
Downloads: 130
Updated: 6/21/2017
Added: 7/25/2013
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Easily See Where Visitors Go on Your Site! Realtime Traffic Report reveals the number of times visitors click on your links. Just replace your links with LinkWatcher links to become part of an easy to read realtime Traffic Report. The Traffic Report shows theTotal Links, Total Clicks, Average Number of Clicks per Link and Most Traffic by ID Number. Record Traffic to Your Webpages, Zip files, PDFs, EXEs and more! You choose any number and type of your website links to be monitored. Easily add and remove links to webpages, zip files, PDFs, EXEs, and more! You may save a backup of your Traffic Report at anytime and restore it in the future should it be corrupted for any reason.
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