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LoneMail Collector 2006

Quick specs

Version: 1.00
Downloads: 634
Updated: 6/3/2007
Added: 6/3/2007
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

ACCESS almost anything that contains e-mails. You can easily MANAGE YOUR SOURCES, making sure you can use them whenever you want, again and again. Lonemail collector has UNIQUE EXTRACTING TECHNOLOGIES and OPTIONS, such as our INTELLIGENT SINGLE-THREADED TECHNOLOGY, COUNTER-MEASURES TECHNOLOGY, and DOMAIN FILTERING, ensuring you obtain the greatest amount of e-mails possible, in a fast, secure, and reliable manner. Lonemail collector uses lots of methods to ensure your SEARCH RESULTS ARE SAVED, no matter what happens. LoneMail Collector can collect e-mails from online search engines thanks to “Loneware Counter Measures” technology. This technology allows the program to bypass any obstacles in the way while you’re automatically collecting and extracting e-mails from web pages. LoneMail Collector is equipped with special wizard that helps you scan search engine results in very easy steps. LoneMail Collector did not forget the advanced users. It comes with a special interface allows experienced users to scan a series of web pages, with up to 16 easily defined variables. LoneMail Collector is a very powerful tool that helps you build a huge and reliable list of business contacts. LoneMail Collector starts by scanning web addresses you specify. Then, it follows hyperlinks to other pages. During which it collects any e-mail address. Counter measures technology TM for collecting e-mails from sites that protect it’s e-mails contents from automatic collection e.g. and . With this technology you are able to bypass the protection with a very easy 3 steps. Visit loneware forum for the latest tips and tricks for your counter measures settings. Can access internet explorer favorites , opera bookmarks and mozilla firefox bookmarks..
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