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Minesweeper 3D: The New Generation

Quick specs

Version: 1.0
Downloads: 1493
Updated: 3/5/2011
Added: 3/5/2011
License: Shareware
Download (26 MB)

Publisher's description

Minesweeper 3D: The New Generation - it's exiting puzzle game! Now you can feel legendary gameplay in a new dimension! Take on the role of "Minesweeper-3000" submarine's captain and neutralize all underwater mines that swims here from the days when people could not live in peace. Faithfull autopilot droid-assistant, a system of bonuses and the opportunity to by relaxing games for the points that you've earned will help you in it. In addition, put on stereoglasses and be ready to fell new experience and new dimension. It looks like you can even touch it - anaglyph mode will make you feel the charm of modern 3D graphics!
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