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Version: 3.3
Downloads: 68
Updated: 11/8/2018
Added: 11/22/2011
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

MinimizeToTrayTool is a freeware open source utility that allows the user to minimize any application to the windows tray. Unlike similar applications it is not necessary to explicitly tell the application each time you want to minimize to the tray a specific application but it is only necessary to specify the application's filename and then the application will be minimized automatically to the windows tray each time the user minimizes the application's window with no other actions necessary. In order to maximize the application once again the user simply clicks on the tray icon. The user has also the option to minimize all applications to the tray or to maximize all applications that are minimized to the tray. Only the executable filenames of the applications to be minimized automatically to the tray have to be specified.
Key words: window, minimize, windows tray, tray, window manager, windows management,