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Online Image Editor

Quick specs

Version: 3.0
Downloads: 550
Updated: 3/14/2011
Added: 6/3/2007
License: Commercial
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Publisher's description

Online Image Editor is a browser-based tool for online photo and image editing. It enables content managers and editors to add and maintain photos, images or other graphical material directly from within their browser. Online Image Editor works like any Windows-based graphics application. It is a small ActiveX component that the user only has to download once. The full version of OIE contains example scripts in PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, ColdFusion and CGI executable. Online Image Editor provides an easy-to-use user interface which enables users to quickly and painlessly edit or create images, photos or graphics. It also enables designers to create more complex graphics in a drag-and-drop environment. It dramatically reduces the time and development effort required for user to customize graphical content over traditional approaches. This versatile solution enables people to quickly edit or create any graphical file with vastly improved performance and usability than traditional online editors.
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