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Orden Of Scarabey

Quick specs

Version: 7.2
Downloads: 174
Updated: 11/14/2018
Added: 9/18/2013
License: Freeware
Download (343 MB)

Publisher's description

Do you think that "betrayal" is just a big word? Do you think if you're the best, you will always stay on top? Do you really think if you know the secrets and you alone, then you will be left alone? If only... I took part in the raid to seize nukes ... and was betrayed. Now I'm somewhere in the catacombs, lost in the desert with next to no visibility. But ... perhaps, you can get out of this jam? - A mysterious shooter with puzzle elements and adrenaline pumping monsters! - Plenty of secret places and cool weapons caches! - A variety of enemies with unique characteristics and behavior - Test your reflexes, speed and accuracy
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