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Platinum Investment Property

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Version: 1.0
Downloads: 620
Updated: 12/13/2011
Added: 12/12/2011
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Property Investment tool bar for multiple Internet browsers. Stay connected with latest Investment Property updates and opportunities through our Australian Platinum 10 investor network. Connect instantly to all your social media networking sites with the click of a button and share the latest property investment news with your friends, family and colleagues directly from your tool bar. Finding that elusive home, investment or commercial property can be a real time-consuming challenge; particularly with those exact requirements that you just must have! The Property Investments tool bar will allow you to stay up to date with exclusive investment opportunities as you surf the web. Most people agree that buying an investment property is a good investment, but many don't know where to start, who to turn to for advice, or they are afraid of doing the wrong thing so they do nothing. The Property investment tool bar also connects you with other users and direct RSS feed from the Platinum Investment Property Blog, allowing you to place comments and interact with other users around important topics within the Investment Property arena. Investing in property is our business. Auction property investments, Off Plan Property Investments, Distress Sale Properties, everything the property investor needs under one roof. Properties include acreage, farms or week-enders, waterfront homes or apartments and investment property. At Platinum Investment Property we believe the safest way to invest is through property, but we also believe in a diversified portfolio to minimise risk. Users also have the ability to an array of Platinum 10 resources including Investment coaching, group buying discounts, Free property valuation and investment analysis and other resources including the wealth through property e book.
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