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Secrets of happiness free

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Version: 06-13
Downloads: 250
Updated: 6/6/2013
Added: 6/6/2013
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Many ways to find happiness in our lives. The most complicated part of any human being is the art of being always happy. Normally we think that things will provide happiness, say money, pleasure, sex, sports, leisure activities, etc. But we are about to discover that even in the middle of tribulations we can be happy if we learn to channel our emotions and if we are in control of our lives. It sounds easy but it is not. We are confronted with fears, accidents, pain, suffering, stress, broken relations, etc. All these become a challenge to our state of happiness, but this is precisely the subject of our program and you will be totally amazed to discover that happiness is just a thought away, it is very much related to our subjection to the Will of God, yes, it is a spiritual force that can only be activated through knowledge of oneself and knowledge of God.
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