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Secure Lockdown Standard Edition

Quick specs

Version: 2.00.179
Downloads: 145
Updated: 8/23/2017
Added: 6/10/2015
License: Shareware
Download (15 MB)

Publisher's description

Lock down Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and create a virtual embedded environment. Inteset's inexpensive Secure Lockdown version 2.0 is perfect for kiosk setups, digital signage, trade shows, library and school labs, Internet cafes, gaming centers, media centers and other applications. Secure Lockdown removes the Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted keyboard strokes and allows your main application to run exclusively. Removes the Windows Task bar and Start button Removes all Desktop actions such as: o Desktop right-click menu o Task Manager access o CTRL-ALT-Delete functions o System shutdown or log off Disables numerous keystrokes including: o Alt-tab o Alt-F4 o Alt-Esc o Alt-Shift-Esc o CTRL-Esc o CTRL-Alt-Esc o Windows Key o F1 (Windows Help) F3 (Windows Search) Allows for independent user accounts that use or do not use Secure Lockdown on one computer With Secure Lockdown you can run your main application and make sure it stays running. Digital signage apps, media hubs, Flash-based menus, or browsers set in "kiosk" mode are common main applications used with Secure Lockdown.
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