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Turbo List Builder

Quick specs

Version: 0.1
Downloads: 110
Updated: 8/15/2016
Added: 8/15/2016
License: Commercial
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Publisher's description

YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A BUILDER LIKE THIS ONE... Create Effective, Responsive Optin Pages with Turbo List Builder Do you need a list building page that really DRIVES SUBSCRIBERS but you don't want to pay a small fortune to have them made for you? Do you want ample control over your optin page and an EASY way to customize the page to meet your needs over and over again? No time to go back to school to learn to write code? NO PROBLEM! NEW! Introducing First Time Ever... THE TURBO LIST BUILDER Turbo List Builder is the SIMPLEST and the MOST EFFECTIVE tool for building optin pages that get OUTSTANDING RESULTS! Here's the really cool thing: It's now possible for you to quickly create your own optin page on your own whenever you want! With Turbo List Builder, It's Easier Than You Could EVER Imagine! Dear Internet Marketers, You've been told that the money is "in the List". You want to create your own optin page. You may already have an account with an autoresponder too and chances are you have content to deliver to people that will signup with your list. The problem is, it is quite common for optin pages to be quite a technical challenge to create them. OK... most autoresponders allow you to create your own "web forms" but what about real pages with the "web form" included to them? How much can you expect to pay for a custom designed optin page that really attracts subscribers? And, you know... companies (solo coders and designers too) are overcharging for these services because YOU don't have years of experience building optin pages to make them a reality on your own. You NEED them... you need their services to grow your list bigger. And ...they are all too happy to charge you extensively for it... The GOOD NEWS: You have a tool that is ready to help you to create THE AWESOME LIST BUILDING PAGE you need! Turbo List Builder SOLVES your list building problems EFFORTLESSLY!
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