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Viper FTP

Quick specs

Version: 2.9
Downloads: 62
Updated: 2/29/2016
Added: 2/29/2016
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Introducing Viper FTP - new file transfer focus provides users with the easiest way to transfer files. Viper FTP allows users to access files on remote server. Transfer files between their Personal Computers and/or FTP servers, access and manage remote files, view/edit text files, view PDF and many other file format, play video and music. Viper FTP allows you to transfer files by FTP, SFTP, WebDav or Amazon S3. If you maintain a website, upload documents or photos, or if you upload your movies to your YouTube account and you want it done quickly and easily. Viper FTP helps you share items via a Mail app. Create the HTTP URL of the selected file and quiclky compare files and folders. The Toolbar gives you instant access to your bookmarked servers. You can connect to LAN Bonjour servers and check the history and trace log. Viper FTP also allows you to transfer files in the background without blocking a server. If you don't need to manage multiple FTP accounts and you are looking for a free application, we have prepared a Lite version of Viper FTP. You can use it for free and install it on all of your computers. Viper FTP top features: Viper FTP supports all popular file transfer protocols including FTP, SFTP, FTP with TLS/SSL (FTPS) including WebDav, Amazon S3, YouTube (upload only). Viper FTP monitors everything users have done and keeps a record in the History Log. Users can search for files and information on both computer and remote FTP servers instantly. Users can scan for any working FTP servers in their LAN with Bonjour. Users can edit remote files using any editor, with changes automatically saved back to the server. Users can view information about their files that is not found by Finder. Set file permissions recursively for nested folders on local or remote volumes. Viper FTP allows users to quickly preview their image, video, audio and other files.
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