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Web Audio Tool

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Updated: 8/26/2011
Added: 8/26/2011
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Okay, I've told you a bit about the Web Audio Tool, now lets see why adding audio to your website makes such amazing sense. Well, it's a proven fact that adding audio to a website improves sales conversion. Lets face it, that's what most of us want, right? We want visitors to become customers. AND we want them to love us and trust us so that they will buy from us again. Well, that is exactly what adding audio to a website achieves. FACT – most people don't read every word on a website FACT – most people listen intently to audio messages, that capture their attention within the first 10 seconds FACT – even when people are not listening intently to spoken words they still hear and absorb the meaning in their subconscious FACT - many people struggle to read written words and therefore respond better to graphical and audio marketing messages FACT – sales messages that can target two or more of the senses are far more effective than those that just reach one. So a message that is seen and heard is way more effective that one that is only seen. “OK, I'm convinced about the benefits”, I'm sure you're saying, “but exactly HOW do I add audio to my website? Isn't it complicated?” The answer is, 'it's not complicated at all'. It's unbelievable simple and fast. Here's why... Web Audio Tool ... so quick and simple. OK, you have got an audio file that you want to add, in MP3 format, but you're not a techie ... what do you do? How do you get your visitors to know and love you, through your audio message. It is so simple, it's child's play. It takes less than a couple of minutes in fact, just a few seconds. The Web Audio Tool creates just four lines of code for you to copy and paste into your webpage. Simple. When you've done that simply upload your revised webpage along with a folder that's been created for you, and that's it ... job done. All in under 5 minutes.
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